Our story starts with love.

It's more than IT, it's everything else.


Is about more than technology. It's about people. In fact, our name is derived from three very special little people. Our owner, Brett Helgeson and his wife Gretchen have three adopted children.


They are represented in our logo, one circle for each child. Each of them know which color and circle represents them.  It is the spirit of our company and the people who work here. Certain iconography is essential to form an emotion and to also be memorable. Here the clouds in our logo are moving from darkness to light. This symbolizes our approach with our clients by taking them from scary situations to a place where they are productive and happy. The bright light of day is full of promise.  


Ask any employee and they will tell you the same story. At Adopt they feel like they were...well, adopted.


​Like adoptive parents we have a sense of humor, a sense of perspective, we are risk taking in the best sense. We are good team players and we know how to appreciate and express emotion. We are a family.


We bring the spirit and characteristics of adopted parents to everything we do.


​It's where we start. It's our why.




Empowering Client's to Realize THEIR Mission by delivering worry-free IT Solutions with Passionate Care and Relentless Customer Service.  

Innovative: We add value, bring efficiency and strive to offer differentiation through solutions that are tailored to our client's needs while maximizing their return on investment.

Security Minded: We understand the cyber threats that abound in the world we live in. We are committed to being proactive and diligent about protecting and educating our clients from those threats, to the best of our abilities.

Integrity: We demand ethical, honest and respectful behavior at all levels of the organization and in all relationships we have (employees, clients, vendors, shareholders, family and community).

Client Focused: We know our clients and understand their needs. We are proactive, trusted partners that look out for their best interests, utilize plain speaking approachability and help their businesses succeed.

Teamwork: We collectively respect and embrace diversity, enhance individual strengths, focus on achieving organizational goals, work together to overcome challenges and celebrate successes.

Accountability: We are accountable to each other and our clients, and commit to always doing our best.

Caring:  We foster relationships with our clients and team by demonstrating concern, empathy and inclusion.  We are tolerant and understanding, as well as good communicators and problem solvers.  Our goal is always a win-win relationship.


What we're all about

Our company was originally called Directrix Computer Solutions and it was founded in 2003 to provide traditional IT services. Very quickly we grew to 500 residential and commercial clients. Over the years we have invested heavily in additional servers and infrastructure, proving advance security and backup services. With data backup services becoming aggressively competitive we were on the leading edge of shifting our company to offer virtualized desktops and cloud computing services as well as hosted and managed IT services to our clients. Since 2009, the cloud computing part of our business has grown more than 36% year over year while retaining 97% of our clients through it all. We provide the full range of IT consultation and services for any company's needs. We do best when companies hire us to dig in and really evaluate their technology needs and their health and success is our primary objective--often saving them many thousands, in some instances hundreds of thousands, by identified unnecessary costs or evaluating different roadmaps to delivering the systems and services they need to be successful.

We aren't here to exploit or confuse. We are here to make a difference in our community by ensuring the health and vitality of our clients so that they, in turn, can make a difference in the world. 

We are business owners who excel at IT as opposed to IT people who don't understand business.


We remove all the hassles and small intricacies of IT and phone calls to third parties so that your people can do their jobs and not worry about IT, and we are always available.


If we see something that will be an improvement for one client we roll that improvement out to our other clients, rather than wait for a need to arise.


Everyone here is truly invested in positive outcomes for our clients and we have well-defined processes for doing that effectively. People are hand-selected because of their drive, intangible qualities and they are passionate about solving problems, puzzles, and everyone loves to do that. and so When our client's have challenges, we rise to the occasion.


​One of our principals, Ryan Treisman, is originally from South Africa and he is fond of an expression that is the cornerstone of who we are. Which is: Ubuntu: I AM because WE ARE

Why the Elephant?


Our leadership team comprises more than a century of experience.  They are business experts with a deep knowledge of IT

An elephant is the visual representation of the emotional components of Adopt Technologies. It symbolizes both the client and the spirit of Adopt Technologies. Its purpose is to evoke emotion and connection. The light symbolizes Adopt Technologies taking our clients from darkness to light and it echoes the clouds in the company logo and the feeling that it evokes. The elephant stands on a field of misshapen pavers with plant growth between the bricks.

This symbolizes a specific and planned path but the path must be navigated with care so as not to trip. The overgrowth also symbolizes the myriad of little details that companies overlook that can eventually overcome and cover the path. The dark clouds in the background enhance the mood yet there is a hint of sunlight on the horizon signifying a new day and a new approach to solving IT challenges.

Awards we've won.

Why Choose Adopt Technologies as Your IT and Cloud Computing Provider?


Adopt Technologies is an industry leader in both cloud computing solutions and providing conventional IT services to a variety of businesses throughout various segmented industries. For a decade, Adopt has been providing a wide range of high-quality IT services to a wide range of industries, but most prominently in the construction and accounting industries.


The Team


The Adopt Technologies Management Team is comprised of some of the best engineering, business and technical minds in the industry and is fully-dedicated to making each client's transition to cloud computing smooth and effortless. With a cloud computing infrastructure that originated in 2009 and has continuously remained state of the art, Adopt's hosting and managed cloud options are superior to any other provider in the industry.


The Process


With a detailed and structured cloud computing migration process, clients will be utilizing cloud solutions faster than ever imagined. Starting with an initial consultation and analysis stage, Adopt's technical staff and engineers will meet with each client and their employees to determine the specific objectives and the best course of action to transition to the cloud. At Adopt Technologies, this phase results in the most cost-effective, productive and efficient approach that allows one's company to grow and to provide a significant competitive advantage. Once the meeting is completed with the client's key organizational members, the cloud adoption phase begins. Providing a hands-on approach, Adopt Technologies will start implementing critical cloud components that result in a more efficient, secure and dependable system than before. After the adoption and implementation stage, Adopt Technologies will continue working with each client closely as long-term trusted partners.




Should clients need additional on-site or remote support, Adopt is always ready to answer all questions every step of the way. Whenever a problem or question arises, Adopt has a support team available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and 365-days a year.




Rounding out Adopt's diverse IT support capabilities, Adopt Technologies also offers a long list of traditional IT services. Customizing and securing organizational IT systems for over 10 years, Adopt is ready to handle any specific type of technical problem that may occur. Providing conventional IT services like computer and server management, computer system designs, internet installations, virus removals, computer configurations and spyware eliminations, Adopt's team will work endlessly to ensure that your IT infrastructure is maximizing business production. Adopt fully understands the negative impact that company downtime can bring to one's organization and guarantee to minimize it at all costs.


Why do we care?


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