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Are you ready to push your firm forward? 56% of business owners are not.

Construction companies fall into two camps:



They know they need to make changes, but they don't know where to start. 

They know technology can give the a competitive edge but they don't know how.

Named by Forbes Magazine as One of America's Best Management Consulting Firms, 2022 - the only AZ company to make the IT list.

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2022 has uncovered that there are two kinds of construction companies: Those that are cloud-based and those that resist. It's becoming clear the latter are in trouble. 

Construction companies that are trying to be tech companies are putting themselves at risk.

Construction companies are great at building things that are durable and las, but most are not designed to build massive data centers, develop cutting-edge technology, or stand alone against well-funded and sophisticated cyber attackers. 

Facing increased risk and client pressures coupled with ballooning costs to maintain scale and security, savvy construction companies are saying enough is enough and getting out of the business of running server farms and risking client data due to homegrown data security.


Instead, they are transitioning to the cloud and relying on the billions of dollars of infrastructure and security investment that companies like Amazon and Microsoft have pumped into creating industry-leading cloud solutions. To other industries, the fact that firms need to be convinced the cloud is superior to on-premise storage solutions is absurd. 

A Welcome from Brett Helgeson

He used to own a construction company before launching Adopt Technologies. Since 2012, under his leadership, he as increased our net worth by more than 2,000%. He routinely saves our clients tens of thousands of dollars by switching to Adopt's Platform.



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We understand, that's why we started our company in the first place.

Are security and IT backups keeping you up at night?  Are you fed up with skyrocketing costs and unsure you need to spend so much on IT?  Do you have a nagging hunch your IT people aren't being totally honest with you? Does the thought of outsourcing your IT seem daunting and expensive?


Our free IT planning guide will reveal gaps and oversights in your technology, afterwards we can show you how to eliminate all your IT problems and never pay for unnecessary IT expenses again.

Change can be scary.

Why work with us?

There's a reason why we say: "Relax, we've got you."

We care about:

Ensuring your firm is ready for growth.


Protecting one of your greatest assets, your data.


24-7/365 relentless customer service.


Saving you time and money.


Ensuring you have access to your data from anywhere.


Not nickle and dime-ing you.


Protecting you from cyber threats.


Making sure you have no downtime or interruptions.


Never confusing you with tech speak.


Speeding you through those "oh &^%$*" moments.

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Why the Cloud? CPA

We support multiple versions and timely updates of construction software. All protected. All in the cloud.

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