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Data Recovery

The speed of: Found.

Peace of Mind.

In some businesses, there are no "do overs."

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Join the thousands of people and businesses

who trust Adopt Technologies to help them when they are most vulnerable.

99% of all digital content that exists on the Internet today was created in the last 24 months. That statistic is a staggering reminder of the fast-paced world that we live in where IT systems are evolving faster than many companies can keep up with, especially when it comes to protecting that data.


Data is being generated at a rate of 400 zettabytes a year, according to Cisco Systems.


Many of our clients rely on drawings, photos and other document files that have higher data consumption demands than files used by other industries. If a company doesn’t have a thoroughly thought out approach to how it manages that data, backs it up and protects it on office servers, job site servers, PCs, staff laptops and even phones, it could spell disaster.

99.9% Success


If data can be stored on it, we can recover data from it.

HDD, SSD, Mobile, Laptop, Cloud, Server, RAID, Virtual, Tape.

Know what data can be recovered before paying for a full recovery. We will tell you what data can be recovered and what condition it is in.

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