Cloud Computing

The business of everywhere.

Cloud Computing

The business of everywhere.

We take the mystery out of the cloud. It’s a better way of running your computer systems virtually, without having to own, maintain, upgrade or rely on your own physical servers.


All your systems and information is stored in secure, redundant data centers, ensuring you can access it at any time and place from any device.


The best part is, it’s still available through disasters, outages or equipment failure that used to cripple companies. 

Relax, we've got you.



Over a Century of


We have the know-how you need.

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Why move to the cloud?

Reduce and control operating costsyou no longer need to spend your company’s much needed capital on new servers, server upgrades or emergency server replacements. When you shift your mission critical IT systems to the Cloud, if you have your internal IT staff can they can refocus their efforts on other projects and strategic initiatives, saving you money and supercharging the efficiency of your internal IT team. Maybe you don’t even need that internal IT team anymore and you can leverage our team, gain more depth, breadth and expertise while saving a ton of money. Internal IT teams are old school business models that don’t align with the nimble and efficient models your competitors are using. Internal IT only makes sense if they are focused on achieving strategic initiatives or optimizing internal systems and processes that drive revenue and add to the bottom line.

Greater scalability easily and affordably add new users as your team expands. It’s never been easier to grow your company. Need more computer system capacity as you grow? No problem! Expanding into other cities, states or countries?  No worries, work on the same system as your headquarters from anywhere!  There’s no need to buy new servers or system components. Just give us a call and we can add more users and additional capacity to your system in just a few clicks!

Increased accessibility Access your virtual computer at any time from any Internet connection, on any device. You’re no longer limited to a particular device, and you no longer have to worry about a device dying and losing all your company’s vital information. Whether you prefer PC’s, Macs, Linux, iPads, Tablets, iPhones or Android devices, your virtual computer is platform independent and can be accessed on all of them.

High security Rest easy knowing the lifeblood of your company – its data, apps and other key information – is held in safe, secure, and redundant data centers. This ensures you never again lose any important information due to a disaster, outage, theft, cybersecurity event (ransomware), device failure or loss. Our built-in disaster recovery and cybersecurity systems are superior and managed continuously.

From dark sky to a beautiful day.

Hand-holding from on premise hardware to hosted infrastructure


Consultative expertise aligned with your strategic business initiatives and objectives


Enterprise level prevention disaster recovery systems


Enhanced cybersecurity designed to defend against the changing threat landscape


Always available 24/7 technical support with Phoenix-based Adopt Technologies staff, not some outsourced party that you don’t know and that may even be in a different country.

Still not convinced?

  • We feel we need to prove our value month in and month out. Add or delete users when needed. Our clients validate the value we deliver with continued renewal every month. 

  • Since 2011, we have averaged 97% client retention.

  • Our clients typically realize a reduction of 25% - 40% in their annual IT expenditures.

  • Our clients typically realize a reduction of 50% - 65% on their local PC / laptop hardware replacement capital expenditures.

  • Our clients typically realize a reduction of 85 - 90% in on site traditional IT service needs.

Cameron, describes why moving to the cloud with Adopt Technologies is the best decision you can make. This is why we care.


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