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Are you ready to push your company forward? 56% of business owners are not.

Named by Forbes Magazine as One of America's Best Management Consulting Firms, 2022 - the only AZ company to make the tech list.

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adopt technologies 10 critical mistakes.

Business owners fall into two camps:



They know they need to make changes, but they don't know where to start. 

They know technology can help them grow their business, but they don't know how.

Why work with us?

There's a reason why we say: "Relax, we've got you."




We understand, that's why we started our company in the first place.

Are security and IT backups keeping you up at night?  Are you fed up with skyrocketing costs and unsure you need to spend so much on IT?  Do you have a nagging hunch your IT people aren't being totally honest with you? Does the thought of outsourcing your IT seem daunting and expensive?


Our free IT planning guide will reveal gaps and oversights in your technology, afterwards we can show you how to eliminate all your IT problems and never pay for unnecessary IT expenses again.

Find out why all of our clients and employees feel like they have been "adopted."


As a business owner, it's rare to find a partner that you feel truly has your best interests at heart. We do.

Change can be scary.

Brett Helgeson

Answer these questions to find out where you stack up.
"What's the deal with the elephant?"

You can schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation that fits your availability by using the form below. Or, you can always call our sales department anytime at 1-844-335-0053. 

We care about:

Being a partner you can depend upon, always.


Ensuring your business is ready for growth.


Protecting one of your greatest assets, your data.


24-7/365 relentless customer service.


Saving you time and money.


Ensuring you have access to your data from anywhere.


Not nickel and diming you.


Protecting you from cyber threats.


Making sure you have no downtime or interruptions.


Never confusing you with tech speak.


Speeding you through those "oh &^%$*" moments.

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Don't take our word for it.

Hear from one of our clients.

Hear from one of our happy clients.


"Adopt hosts all of our data in the cloud. Now I don't have to worry about the things that kept me up at night when everything was on our servers. A human being answers the phone and helps us quickly. There are a lot of cloud computing solutions out there, and it's hard to tell them apart. For Adopt the distinguishing factor is their relentless customer service. They take that seriously. As a business owner, when your people need access to tech support knowing we don't have to wait a day or a week but have a resolution in minutes is the most outstanding thing about them."   

                                                     --Scott W.

Why the Cloud? CPA

We promise you we will never confuse you with tech speak. We are business owners too so we know your pain points and we mitigate them.

We support multiple versions of software and timely updates . All protected. All in the cloud.

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