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PHOENIX, Ariz. (Aug. 16, 2023) - - Adopt Technologies (, a Phoenix-based information technology company, has made Inc. magazine's list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in America for the sixth consecutive year. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses of all sizes rely heavily on technology to drive operations and stay competitive. As a business owner, having a trusted IT partner as your Managed Services Provider (MSP) is more critical than ever.

Post-pandemic, the rise of Ai, the development of quantum computing: the U.S. has witnessed a dramatic shift to prepare for ever-changing work patterns — including managing remote workforces and maintaining company culture and competitiveness in the “new office.”

A recent article from Forbes included research from Ladders showing remote work availability from North America’s largest 50,000 employers since the pandemic began. Remote opportunities leaped from under 4% of all high-paying jobs before the pandemic to about 9% at the end of 2020 and more than 15% today. MSPs like Adopt Technologies are critical in supporting the security and efficiency of the virtual office setup.

Across the U.S., cloud-based managed service providers (MSP and MSPS) platforms and solutions, like Adopt Technologies, have invested heavily into technology to help clients with their “Virtual Offices.” According to research reported by Forbes in June, 2.7% of full-time employees work from home, while 28.2% work a hybrid model; By 2025, 32.6 million Americans will work remotely by 2025. According to the research, 98% of workers want to work remotely at least some of the time; and 93% of employers plan to continue conducting job interviews remotely. More sobering statistics include:

  • 57% of workers would look for a new job if their current company didn’t allow remote work

  • 65% report wanting to work remotely all of the time

  • 35% of remote employees feel more productive when working fully remote

Challenges to remote working include the following statistics:

  • 53% of remote workers say it’s harder to feel connected to their coworkers

  • Research shows that employers can save $11,000 per employee when switching to remote work

  • 60% of companies use monitoring software to track remote employees

  • 60% of companies use monitoring software to track remote employees

  • 32% of hybrid workers report they would take a pay cut to work remotely full time

“The move to remote work has further validated for so many companies the need to have cloud-based solutions and desktops so their workforce can have access to everything required to perform their roles at a high level, seamlessly, as if they were in their office,” said CEO and Managing Partner of Adopt Technologies, Brett Helgeson. He continued stating “the security capabilities and protections in place for those environments when well managed, supported and maintained, are even more critically important when you introduce the additional vulnerabilities that are exposed as a result of having remote workers.”

With its culture of continuous improvement, Adopt invests heavily in training staff, enhancing internal systems and processes, being a leader in security services, and increasing the value and ROI on the benefits its clients derive through the services and consultation they leverage Adopt Technologies for.

Adopt Technologies offers experience from a business owner’s perspective, proactive IT Management, scalability and flexibility, cost-effective solutions, and strategic guidance. Relax, we’ve got you is what they tell their clients, fostering a partnership relationship based on trust, keeping their promises, and genuinely caring about their client's success.

According to Brett Helgeson, President, CEO & Managing Partner, a significant reason for Adopt's recognition is its forward-thinking approach to understanding trends and how they will impact businesses on the information technology and cyber threat fronts. Much of the company's success can be attributed to a philosophy of honest and transparent business practices in an industry known for complicated tech speak and IT executives heavy on industry knowledge but light on business strategy.

Since taking the helm at Adopt Technologies, Helgeson has presided over an impressive evolution, with financial success resulting from high client retention rates, great team members, long-term partnerships, and organic, relationship and referral-driven new client acquisition. The track record of consistent, prosperous, and sustainable growth equates to median year-over-year revenue growth of 32% and MRR growth of over 35% over the last twelve years. Most importantly, Adopt is well on the way to realizing its vision of becoming a destination employer and IT partner.

Among its many recent awards, the most impressive include the Forbes List of Top Management Consulting Firms Four years in a row and industry awards for leadership, business growth, and customer service excellence. See the "About Adopt Technologies" section below for a complete list of accolades.

The company is headquartered in Phoenix and provides managed IT services, 24/7 help desk support, cloud computing migrations, services and support, cybersecurity, data recovery, security education, training, and IT consulting services. Adopt Technologies supports thousands of users and has blocked billions of vulnerabilities boasting an always-available Arizona-based cloud platform and support team.

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