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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Adopt has been honored as one of Arizona's Most Admired Companies
Adopt Named Most Admired Company

PHOENIX, Ariz. (September 21, 2020)—Adopt Technologies (, a Phoenix-based information technology company, has been named one of Arizona's Most Admired Companies by BestCompaniesAZ and AZ Big Media (publishers of AZ Business Magazine).   

Thank you to the Phoenix Business Journal for covering the story in BizSpotlight. We have included the article in its entirety at the bottom of this post.

Adopt joins 45 other companies recognized by the media company as representing the best, especially in light of a global pandemic and the pressures that can arise when entire workforces must become mobilized. Celebrating company culture and promoting the values and mission of a company in a remote environment are more important than ever. They are key factors reviewing sources like BestCompaniesAZ will likely be looking at in the future.

"Most Admired Companies is the most comprehensive and prestigious annual corporate awards program in Arizona," said Denise Gredler, founder and CEO of BestCompaniesAZ, who co-founded the Most Admired Companies program with the team from Az Business magazine. "To win, a business must demonstrate excellence in its leadership, corporate culture, vision, innovation, customer relations, and community engagement through corporate social responsibility programs."

The primary goal of the Most Admired Companies program is to find and recognize those organizations that excel in these five key areas:

• Customer opinion

• Innovation

• Leadership excellence

• Social responsibility

• Workplace culture

Based on those five pillars of excellence, a selection committee composed of Az Business magazine's editorial board, BestCompaniesAZ's leadership team, and professionals from a wide range of industries rated and selected the most accomplished and prestigious companies in Arizona.

With hundreds of nominations representing the most innovative, impactful, and successful companies in Arizona, being one of Most Admired Companies for 2020 shows that the companies selected truly represent the best in Arizona business.

"At Adopt, our ‘herd mentality,’ extends beyond our own to include our clients and partners," said CEO and Managing Partner Brett Helgeson. “On my desk is a little sculpture of two elephants - tail to trunk, rescuing another elephant who would otherwise fall from a cliff. If anything represents the spirit of Adopt, it's this little sculpture. Whether in regards to clients or employees, we have a herd mentality, which means that no one is left behind. We use all of our might to ensure the safety and well being of our clients and our team. Our commitment to relentless client service is the spirit of everything we do. That's why we are famous for saying in our ads: 'Relax, we've got you,' because, as a business owner, it's a rare thing to feel like someone has your best interests at heart."

That commitment has been demonstrated this year in terms of Adopt's growing list of awards. Five months ago, Forbes Magazine named Adopt as one of the best management consulting firms in America (one of only 222) and was named in August to Inc. Magazine's 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list for the third year in a row. In addition, the company was recognized by CRN to its Fast Growth 150 list--another media entity that reviews technology and tech companies for its tech-centric audiences. 

The 11th Annual Most Admired Companies Awards will be presented in a virtual format on October 15, 2020. Click here for more information. The Most Admired Companies of 2020 will also be profiled in the September issue of Az Business magazine. To see the full list of companies, visit this link. 

For more information, visit or call 1-844-335-0053. For interviews, contact Tony Felice at 480-567-6890. #azmostadmired2020

About Adopt Technologies

Founded in 2004, Adopt Technologies is a Phoenix IT Company providing managed cloud computing solutions, cloud migrations, IT strategy and solutions consulting, enhanced cybersecurity services, traditional IT management and support, as well as 24/7/365 at-your-beck-and-call technical support desk services. The company has experienced rapid and well-managed growth, outperforming projections every year since 2012, by introducing innovation and personalized service to an industry known for frustration and confusion for business owners. The leaders at Adopt are business experts with a deep knowledge of information technology rather than tech people with no knowledge of how business is run. The company boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 76, as well as an end-user retention rate of 97 percent. Adopt Technologies was recognized in 2020 as one of the Best Management Consulting Firms in America by Forbes Magazine as well as Inc. 5000's list of fastest-growing companies in America in 2018, 2019 and 2020; CRN's FastGrowth 150 list in 2020 and Pioneer 250 list in 2019; Arizona State University's Sun Devil 100 fastest-growing companies in 2018, 2019 and 2020; Phoenix Business Journal's Top Tech Executive Leader awards in 2016 and AZ Business Magazines Most Admired Companies in 2020.

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