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Creating the Human Connection through Technology with Shideh Doerr.

Shideh Doerr wears many hats including that of a wife, mother to three, strategist, matchmaker, business owner, and entrepreneur. A first-generation Persian American, she has spent her 25-year career serving others and bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to the healthcare industry; she has been an administrator and strategic planner for top consulting firms and became a co-owner of a medical device manufacturing company as well as a healthcare consulting company.

Shideh’s love for connecting with people and hearing their stories led her to leave the healthcare industry to adopt her current role as Co-Founder and Vice President of JabberYak. This technology-based company enables users to select seven personal interests that show who they are. Their seven interests are printed on unique T-shirts, Event Badges, Name Tags, or Office Name Plates and can be worn to meetings, events, at work, or displayed at the office. She knows how difficult it is to walk into a room full of strangers and look for ways to start a conversation.

Through Jabberyak’s technology, Doerr is excited to bring the gift of gab back to people by engaging them in meaningful conversation and creating lifetime connections.

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