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Dasha Tyshlek: Excellence Over Perfection - Elephant in the Room Podcast

Dasha Tyshlek - Director of Business Development, Micro-Ant, LLC

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” - Ender from Ender’s Game.

In microwave antenna engineering, you must strive for excellence - to compete with other technology firms and the regulations and compliance required to operate.

Growing up in Kansas City, KS, Dasha Tyshlek knew she wanted to become an entrepreneur leading and organizing people to do innovative things. She credits her mother as her biggest influence, always striving to improve herself and the world around her.

In high school, she was selected for the Distinguished Scholars Science Program. She credits this experience with instilling a strong capability for self-driven learning and a passion for research and development. She received her bachelor’s in Engineering Science from the University of Virginia. Dasha’s education consists of a multidisciplinary engineering program that she pursued based on her belief that the ability to meld disciplines and collaborate across technical areas of expertise is critical in the 21st century.

Today Dasha serves as Director of Business Development at Micro-Ant, LLC, where they develop and manufacture custom antennas for land, maritime and aerospace applications operating within the Microwave Frequency Spectrum. She is the eyes and ears of the organization, guiding the company to the right opportunities. Most importantly, all new product development begins in business development, so she ensures new developments are set up for success.

Dasha enjoys the challenging technologies her industry presents. Developing them requires a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach which provides opportunities to work across national boundaries and technical disciplines to develop new technologies. One of her biggest accomplishments with the team at Micro-Ant was leading the completion of the development of the Ka Flat Panel in 2020 and the development of the Ultra Wide Band Ka system for airborne applications in 2021. These developments led to the implementation of company-wide sales and program management systems and software as a part of the company’s strategy for growth.

The relationships she has built with Micro-Ant’s customers are most important. Over the last three years, Dasha and her team have revolutionized their work by adopting new mindsets and practices regarding program management and customer communication. Setting clear expectations with the customer from the beginning establishes better trust and communication. The team’s combined energy and enthusiasm for their work at Micro-Ant is Dasha’s favorite part of the job.

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