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Eva Kuehnert, Breaking the Barriers of Entry - The Elephant on the Room Podcast

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Eva Kuehnert's career path has been challenging over the years, and that has been by her own doing. Starting in banking, Eva soon found she needed a change. She received her Master's Degree in Economics and landed a position at Google, where her tech career began. Eva flourished from hard work and a company environment that celebrated your ideas no matter how outrageous they seemed. "Nothing is impossible; put your heads together, leave ego out of the equation, and ideate," she says. But, after time, she felt it became too comfortable and decided to be "uncomfortable" and rechallenged herself.

Now, Eva is the new Head of Product @BrightFi and a Certified Integral Coach. She has served as Co-Managing Director at Girls in Tech-Phoenix, a global nonprofit organization focused on women's engagement, education, and empowerment in technology and entrepreneurship.

Please enjoy Carey's conversation with Eva as they talk about her career path and how she believes in a compassionate lead ship style, and how it brings out the best in people while taking care of their mental health and growth as a whole person.

Produced by Carey Pena:

Produced by: The Felice Agency

Produced by: Adopt Technologies

Director: Nick Tantillo

Still images: Patrick Fuller, Fuller Story

Graphic design: Tony Felice

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