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In Space they CAN hear you dream.

Updated: May 6, 2022

For those familiar with the "Sci-Fi Movie Lexicon" our headline is a play on a famous tag line on a movie poster. Here the revised tag line has new meaning. Dream. Something we all do. For some of us, our dreaming can turn into scientific exploration that moves humanity forward.

"Even a young girl in Africa on the farm can look up at the stars and say: what is my place in this universe, why should I care about it and what does it mean to me?"

On this new episode of Adopt Technologies Elephant In The Room Podcast, Carey Pena interviews Dr Timiebi U. Aganaba, DCL., a space lawyer who went to law school in Nigeria. She holds 5 degrees and defied all odds at every step of her tech and space career.

She talks with Carey Pena about breaking barriers and having a true impact on the world.

Co-Produced by Inspired Media 360 and The Felice Agency in a collaboration of specialized services!

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Produced by Carey Pena of Inspired Media 360:

Co-Produced by: Felice Agency

Director: Nick Tantillo

Still images: Patrick Fuller, Fuller Story

Graphic design: Tony Felice


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