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Adopt Technologies 
Referral Program


One of the fastest growing, most awarded IT Companies. 

We are in the business of relationships with a specialization in Business Technology for Small & Medium Sized Businesses.

Your technology doesn't have to be overwhelming. We are the best IT company for Managed Services. Find out why we say, "Relax, we've got you." 

Help us grow even stronger, by being a part of our referral program. 


How the Program Works.




Refer a colleague.

We will verify whether or not that referral has already been made or not and report back to you.

If your eligible referral signs a contract with Adopt, you will receive a gift, as outlined below.

  • Who is eligible?
    Current clients including their staff, and Adopt Technologies employees.
  • How do I know if I should refer someone?
    Warm introductions are best, so be sure to introduce us to someone you know, if possible who may be interested in becoming a client. First, we will verify that the contact information provided is correct. If the contact is a legitimate decision maker at the company, you will be notified of your referral's eligibility for the program.
  • How many people can I refer?
    As many as you like. Once we verify that you have made a legitimate referral (a decision maker in a referred company) and we verify that the contact has not already been identified, then we will notify you of your eligibility. *The decision to offer a referral gift or not depends upon whether the same person has been referred already. If everyone follows the rules, discrepancies should be rare. We reserve the right to make the final decision based on the facts.
  • How will I know when I can receive my gift(s)?
    We will notify you when we receive your referral. We typically confirm referral suitability within a week. Once we have confirmed them, we will notify you by email and we can make arrangements for you to receive your gift. As for those who sign contracts, negotiations can take six months or more so be sure to check back frequently. If you know they have signed a contract through your other communication channels, simply send us an email at and we will coordinate eligibility with you.
  • How do I qualify for the contract reward?
    We will notify you if your referral is eligible for reward (so long as no one else has referred them first). If you are eligible, and your referral signs a contract with Adopt, we will notify you right away. It's always good to check in from time to time and you can reach us at
  • How do I give you my referrals?
    You can either type them on the form below in this order, or copy and paste them into the form in this format: Name Company Email Address Phone Number Name Company Email Address Phone Number
  • What reward do I receive if my referral signs a contract with Adopt?
    Existing clients who are the business owner: We will offer you 5% of the value of the contract off of your monthly invoice. Or we can cut you a check for 5% of the total amount for the first year of service that the referral signs up for. For employees of Adopt: We will pay you $5 for each user that is part of any contract your referral signs with Adopt. For existing clients who are users but not decision makers: We will pay you $5 for each user that is part of any any contract your referral signs with Adopt.

Let's Get Started!

Please fill out this form with your contact information and be sure to submit a new form for each new referral

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