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Working at Adopt

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Be a part of one of the fastest growing companies in America

There's a reason why we're the best.

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ADOPT enjoys a 97% ENPS!

Find out why our team loves working here!

Our Story


One part adoptive parent, one part sensitive elephant, one part fierce protector of information and all parts compassionate and intelligent leaders, we are committed to helping small and medium-sized business owners realize THEIR mission by delivering worry-free IT solutions with RELENTLESS support and without being set back or hampered by their technology.


Few companies in Arizona comprise a more compassionate team of techies who have “relentless client service,” as one of their core values.


Our company, Adopt Technologies, is a Phoenix-based information technology company.  Founded in 2004, Adopt Technologies is a Phoenix based Cloud Solutions Provider delivering managed cloud computing solutions, cloud migrations, IT strategy and solutions consulting, enhanced cybersecurity services, traditional IT management and support, as well as 24/7/365 technical support services. The company has experienced rapid and well-managed growth, outperforming projections every year since 2012, by introducing innovation and personalized service to an industry known for frustration and confusion for business owners.  


The leaders at Adopt are business experts with a deep knowledge of information technology. The company boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 76, as well as an end-user retention rate of 97 percent. Adopt Technologies was recognized in 2020, 2021 and 2022 as one of the Best Management Consulting Firms in America by Forbes Magazine as well as one of AZ Business Magazines Most Admired Companies. Additionally, Adopt has been recognized on Inc. 5000’s list of the fastest-growing companies in America for five consecutive years. 

These milestones mark an impressive achievement by our CEO Brett Helgeson, who purchased the company in 2012 after serving as its Director of Operations for six months. He loved the company so much, he wound down his successful commercial construction business to be a part of the Adopt Technologies story with the ultimate plan of buying the business from the previous owner so that he and his family could pursue a lifetime dream of living and serving in the community in Africa.

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I am, because we are. It's at the heart of everything we do.

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Why would you want to work here?

Here at Adopt, our 'herd mentality' extends beyond our own to include our clients and partners.


On our CEO's desk is a little sculpture of two elephants - tail to trunk, rescuing another elephant who would otherwise fall from a cliff. If anything represents the spirit of Adopt, it's this little sculpture. Whether in regards to clients or employees, we have a herd mentality, which means no one is left behind. We use all of our might to ensure our client's and our team's safety and well-being. Our commitment to relentless client service is the spirit of everything we do. That's why we are famous for saying in our ads: 'Relax, we've got you,' because that's the feeling we want every employee and client to experience.  We care, genuinely, about the well being of our team and our clients.



To that end, our vision is to become a destination employer and IT partner.  We've evolved our approach to recruiting and developing our people to become a destination employer. In order to achieve that objective we have to hit the target on many levels.  We work with an outside HR consultant to assist us with recruiting, onboarding, mentoring and job growth, diversity and inclusion, and corporate culture. 


In the employee break room, one wall is covered with a life-size elephant and a list of our core values. We started applying the same rigor to being an employer as we have to being a service provider to our clients. We amped up the fun by installing a foosball table and a ping pong table, with Ping Pong Tournaments, pot lucks, and company lunches every week. We also provide a fully loaded snack bar and cold beverages and a restaurant-quality espresso machine that the employees have gamified by installing a whiteboard to keep track of brew times, grind size, type of bean and quality of brew. 


Some of the perks of working at Adopt include:


  • Competitive Salary

  • Group Health Insurance with Competitive Company Participation

  • Dental & Vision

  • 401K Match

  • Long term Disability and Life

  • Professional Development and Education Opportunities.

  • Flexible time when needed outside of PTO for busy family lives outside of work.

  • Extra PTO Day for your birthday

  • Free Gym Membership at Tocasierra Spa and Fitness Center right next to the office.

  • Environment: Your voice will be heard, all ideas are considered. We are a family. We care about you personally, as well as professionally. We want you to achieve your dreams. 


We are committed to giving you the tools to succeed in your job. That comes with full transparency from management, open and honest discussions. In a remote working environment, all equipment is provided.  

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To live out our mission by providing a fulfilling and nurturing environment for our team by enabling growth and achievement in both their personal & professional lives.

Empowering our clients to realize THEIR mission by delivering worry-free IT consultation and solutions with passionate care and “RELENTLESS“ support.



Innovative:  We add value, bring efficiency and strive to offer differentiation through solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs while maximizing their return on investment.

Security Minded:  We understand the cyber threats that abound in the world we live in.  We are committed to being proactive and diligent about protecting and educating our clients from those threats, to the best of our abilities.

Integrity:  We demand ethical, honest and respectful behavior at all levels of the organization and in all relationships we foster (employees, customers, vendors, shareholders, family and community).

Teamwork:  We collectively respect and embrace diversity, enhance individual strengths and focus on achieving organizational goals by holding each other accountable while working together to overcome challenges and celebrate successes.

Caring:  We foster mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and teammates to meet their needs through genuine concern, understanding, empathy and inclusion. 


We always strive to communicate clearly and effectively in order to find solutions.

It’s about all of us.


UBUNTU - is a South African proverb meaning "I am because we are," it's at the heart of everything we do. "Adopt Technologies" is derived from CEO and Managing Partner Brett Helgeson and his wife Gretchen's three adopted children, represented in the logo, one circle for each child.  Adopt often hires those with less experience but whom are quick learners and heavy on both soft and intangible skills required in a high quality customer service oriented environment.

For the leaders at Adopt Technologies, whether at the employee, client, or vendor partner relationship level, we have always focused on being open, honest, transparent, and simply committed to doing the right thing.  We strongly feel that every interaction must be mutually beneficial and serve the interests of both parties, even when those interactions need to broach difficult topics or discussions.  That is how we have built the long-standing relationships we have with vendor partners and clients, and it is also why we have never had an employee leave Adopt for another technology firm by their own will.

We strongly believe in and foster an environment focused on open communication, constructive feedback, and the sharing of thoughts and ideas.  We ask our team members to always put themselves in the other party's shoes, view things from the opposite perspective, and realize that the way somebody may be interacting with them could be tied to something completely unrelated to the current interaction, causing them to behave a certain way.  We want people to speak their mind, voice concerns, hold team members and leadership accountable – albeit conscientiously and respectfully – to help drive our organization and the people within it to be better.  That approach also helps to quickly identify those team members that may not be in the right seat on the bus or shouldn't even be on the bus at all. 

In regards to mentorship and development, we offer access to a number of company-paid training opportunities (seminars, in-person courses, and online courses). We also contribute financially towards continuing education programs and those that desire to work towards college degrees.  We promote, encourage, and expect that our team members will help mentor, educate, and share knowledge with one another to fulfill our "promote from within" and "train your replacement" strategies.We conducted an extensive study of the tech industry and, in particular, how it talks to its customers. We found that as a whole, it doesn't do a good job. Too much jargon. Too much tech-speak. Barely any emotion. So we set out on a journey to understand ourselves. To ask ourselves why we do what we do? What makes us special?

We searched for a way to convey all of the emotional components of Adopt Technologies. As we mention above,  three circles in our logo represent our CEO's three adopted children, so we knew that was a part of the story. We involved every employee in our quest for knowledge about being better than the competition. We asked them about their jobs, their future roles in the company, and many heart-based questions about what makes them tick, why they love what they do and what mark they want to leave on the world. All of this stems from a management philosophy that is always gut checking: "Are we doing right by our people? Are we keeping our promises to one another? Are we delivering relentless client service?  Do people enjoy working here?  Bottom line, we want our employees to achieve their dreams personally and professionally.  If our team members are successful and happy,  we will be successful with our clients.

Our efforts are reflected in our client and employee retention, as well as the awards we’ve won.  We were recently evaluated by JD Power & Associates. While ultimately we did not have the budget to be certified by them, they were blown away by our culture, how we care for those who work at Adopt and how we care for the clients and partners Adopt serves.

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The Elephant in the Room


When the company was rebranded, we settled on an elephant as the iconography. The elephant is a metaphor representing both the client and the spirit of Adopt Technologies. Its purpose is to evoke emotion and connection. Elephants have long memories, just like technology. They can be lumbering and big but also gentle and kind. The leaders of elephant herds are chosen by the group, it is not a hereditary lineage, but an honor that is earned.

Pictured on our website homepage, a baby elephant stands on a path, signifying the journey all business owners take.

The elephant holds a lantern. In many respects we help to light the way and guide our clients and our employees down a new path that delivers results, prosperity and fun.

Everyone here is truly invested in positive outcomes for our clients and our team, and we have well-defined processes for doing that effectively.

Open Positions


Don't see a position you are looking for? We are always looking to add talent to the herd.



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