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Our Story


One part adoptive parent, one part sensitive elephant, one part fierce protector of information and all parts compassionate and intelligent leaders, we are committed to helping small and medium-sized business owners realize THEIR mission by delivering worry-free IT solutions with RELENTLESS support and without being set back or hampered by their technology.


Few companies in Arizona comprise a more compassionate team of techies who have “relentless client service,” as one of their core values.


Our company, Adopt Technologies, is a Phoenix-based information technology company.


We recently made Inc. magazine’s list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in America for the 2nd year in a row and we expect to be recognized for a 3rd year in a row in 2020. This milestone marks an impressive achievement by our CEO Brett Helgeson, who purchased the company in 2012 after serving as its Director of Operations for six months. He loved the company so much, he wound down his successful commercial construction business to be a part of the Adopt Technologies story with the ultimate plan of buying the business from the previous owner (Joshua Shinar), so Josh and his family could pursue a lifetime dream of mission work in Africa.

It’s about all of us.


UBUNTU - is a phrase that resonates with the company.


It is a South African proverb meaning “I am because we are,” and it is at the heart of everything we do.


It is about more than technology. It’s about people. In fact, our name is derived from three very special little people. Brett and his wife Gretchen have three adopted children, and they are represented in the logo, one circle for each child. Each child knows which color and circle represent them. It is the spirit of the company and the people who work here. Certain iconography is essential to form an emotion and to also be memorable. Here the cloud in the logo is moving from darkness to light. It symbolizes our approach with our clients by taking them from scary situations to a place where they are productive and happy. The bright light of the day is full of promise. 


Most of us here feel adopted too. We all feel so grateful to be here because we fit in, we are heard, and the company plays to our strengths. We seek to find where each team members skills and interests lie so we can support them in their professional development to help them fulfill their professional goals and enjoy coming to work every day where, collectively, we are accomplishing great things together!


Much of our success can be attributed to a philosophy of honest and transparent business practices in an industry known for complicated tech speak and IT executives heavy on industry knowledge but light on business strategy.


Transparency as a business philosophy is a priority, and Adopt practices it everywhere, whether onboarding new clients or how we treat one another.


In addition to allowing clients to save money, we are continually innovating. When an improvement or efficiency is developed for one client, we roll it out to all clients.


Our clients are not locked into long, difficult-to-navigate contracts. Every client pays month-to-month and can change or cancel at any time. As a result, almost none of them cancel. We boast a 97% customer end-user retention rate and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 81 with client decision-makers and 78 with client end-users. 

We recently rebranded Adopt. We did an exhaustive analysis of the cloud computing industry, specifically how it talks to a potential customer (business owners and decision-makers in small to medium-sized businesses), and we found that woefully few tech companies actually speak the language of the business owners they hope to support.


Too often, tech companies use complicated jargon and tech-speak that flies over the heads of most business owners. We simplified our approach using conversational, plain-speak in the language of business owners on our website, and in sales materials.

The Elephant in the Room


To give an emotional visual connection to the brand, we settled on the iconography of an elephant because it serves as a metaphor for technology and for the company itself.


An elephant conveys the lumbering quality of technology and its massive size, however as a symbol of our brand, it represents the massive size of Adopt’s IT capabilities. At the same time, it conveys gentleness, a long memory, empathy, concern for others in the herd, and many of the adoptive parent qualities described above. Handled sensitively and with a deft hand, the elephant icon is never reduced to caricature, instead, its appearance signifies weight and importance but also kindness and compassion.


We remove all the hassles and small intricacies of IT and phone calls to third parties so that our client’s team can do their jobs and not worry about IT.


Everyone here is truly invested in positive outcomes for our clients, and we have well-defined processes for doing that effectively.

We are always looking to add talent to the herd.


Please send a thoughtful cover letter and your resume to


7500 N. Dreamy Draw Drive, Suite 105, Phoenix, AZ  85020

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